World, Know These Five Facts about Indonesia!

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We've listed several facts on Indonesia that you should know of.

Traveling Indonesia from it's top to toes by plane takes 12 hours. One of the world's most expensive coffees, Kopi Luwak (cat poop coffee), comes from there. It's president is a metalhead.

In addition, Indonesia's economy is growing so explosively, that it is rapidly rising as one of the world's top gamers. We have listed five facts that we all should know about Indonesia.

1. The world's biggest mother load

Indonesia is very rich in natural resources. It has the world's biggest goldmine and the third biggest copper mine. Also, Indonesia is the world's largest producer of liquid gas, plywood and palm oil.

2. The world's oldest and biggest endangered species

The world´s second largest biodiversity is in Indonsia. This country has the biggest flower, the Titan Arum, and the smallest primate, the Pygmy Tarsier. It´s the home for many endangered species, like the Sumatran Tiger.

3. The world's largest islamic nation

Almost 90% of Indonesians are muslim. Compared to other islamic countries, Indonesia is relatively liberal, thanks to the Liberal Islam Network established by young activists.

4. The world's youngest population

Indonesia has the world's youngest population – only 8% out of the country's 250 million inhabitants are over 60-years-old, and young Indonesians are raising technology´s significance in Indonesia. Over 70 million Indonesians use Facebook, which makes it the fourth biggest on the website's platform.

5. The world's most promising future

Along with China and India, Indonesia's consumer scale growth is one of the biggest in the world. Indonesia's economy is expected to grow as the world´s seventh largest economy, passing Germany and England, by 2030. In the future there will be over 135 million happy consumers who will tempt investors to investments to the country.


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