Watson – Wiser than Sherlock

Campus Change Report
Supercomputers are designed to think like humans and will soon have the answers to everything.

A doctor, a chef and an investor expert who has the answer for everything – Watson is a dream spouse in the form of a computer.

Watson is IBM's supercomputer that can handle huge amounts of knowledge in just a few seconds using artificial intelligence (it's databank is equivalent to a million books). Watson gathers shattered information from the likes of Twitter and scientific releases and turns it into data.

Past systems were programmed based on algorithms and logic, but Watson was built to reflect human thinking and learning processes. This system is modelled on the basics of human thinking - it anticipates, interprets and learns from it's mistakes.

Simple, dear Watson

Watson is revolutionising medical science, especially the information retrieval of health care. For example, with Watson, interpreting patient information, choosing the right cure and making summaries is efficient and fast. With the help of Dr. Watson, results can be obtained in a few seconds instead of days, weeks or even decades.

Watson is taking over diverse and different fields. In financial businesses, Watson can make investment decisions because of it's database. Different support service hotlines would benefit from Watson´s databank and fast answers.

Artificial intelligence carries out personality analysis based on a hundred characters. Actually, it has already created a cooking book based on all the recipes uploaded online.

In addition to all of this, Watson would be the world's best search engine. However, IBM is not ready to share their invention with everyone. Like any dream spouse, Watson first has to make some real income.



Do you dare to cook Chef Watson´s meals? The Chef itself has never tasted any of them. 

Test if you can beat Watson in Rock, Paper, Scissors. 

Social Media Push: @IBMWatson supercomputer is a #dreamspouse. Watson is a doctor, a chef, an investment expert and never snores.

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