TV Series Are Stealing the Audience from Movies

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Already once declared dead, television is now emptying the theatres and pushing fans of quality entertainment back to their couches.

“In the beginning of my career, if you switched from television to making movies, something had gone wrong. Nowadays though, it´s the other way around,” explains actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Movie ticket sales are decreasing in the US and rest of the world might soon be following behind. Instead of cinema chairs, entertainment-hungry people are glued to their couches. The popularity of TV shows is growing explosively. Fun fact: Game of Thrones is HBO's most watched and illegally downloaded TV-show of all time.

One explanation for the popularity of TV series is their originality. Big cinema studios try to avoid financial risks and so make movies based on the same old, safe ideas that have seemed to work in the past. A big slice of the budget is invested in marketing. Distributors of TV-series, Netflix for example, runs based on monthly subscribers so instead of investing in marketing, the budget is used for making shows that stand out from the others.

Watched in a hurry, produced with ease

The more of a rush we're in, the more respect we have for time. It is a lot easier to commit yourself to one episode of a show than a whole night´s movie. One can also develop a closer relationship with the ordinary characters of TV shows than with superheroes in films. Producers for their part have a lot more freedom producing TV shows, because the restrictions of the movie industry don´t apply to television corporations. This can be seen in the decrease of movie writers and in the increase of salaries for television writers. Amongst other things, writer Nic Pizzolatto was inspired by the artistic freedom he enjoyed while making the TV show True Detective.

The popularity of TV shows probably won´t really empty theatres. In a best case scenario, however, the movie industry will learn to use originality like television does.


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