The World's Refugee Crisis Is Out of Control

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Refugees struggling to reach Europe is only a tiny part of this huge emergency.

The amount of refugees trying to reach Europe via the Pacific Ocean has reached an all time high. War and oppression in their home countries are driving people to attempt life threatening journeys.

Statistics of refugees trying to get to Europe via the Pacific Ocean:

2010: 9 700
2011: 70 000
2012: 22 500
2013: 60 000
2014: 219 000
(Source: UNHCR)

You can cross the Pacific Ocean for €1000. If you are a refugee, however, you won't be reserving a room on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship, but a small place in a rubber boat. Reaching your destination alive? Not guaranteed. 

In 2014, over 219 000 refugees and immigrants crossed the Pacific Ocean. Of that, 3 500 drowned. That year was tragically the highest recorded number of refugees who attempted the crossing and died. Only four years before in 2010, 9 700 people crossed the sea. 2015 is shattering all previous records.

Refugees struggling to reach Europe is only a tiny part of this huge emergency.

In 2014, about 60 million people escaped war, persecution or other conflicts. Over 20 million of them were refugees or protection seekers escaping their home countries. To illustrate how large these numbers are – if all the people fleeing their home countries established a new country, it would be world´s 24th biggest country. We are talking about the largest number of refugees since World War II.

The long, expensive and dangerous road of a refugee

The growth is dramatic, and so are the events that the refugees are fleeing.

Lets take an example: Syria. Prolonged civil war has already taken over 100 000 civilian victims, and the bombings have destroyed entire cities. Civilians, who often escape by foot, have to move by night to avoid the snipers. Men have to hide to avoid forced recruitment into the army. More and more people are taking the road to Turkey, which is the world's biggest receiving country, currently taking in 2 million refugees. Just for comparison: Turkey has more refugees than all of the EU countries put together.

But, the amounts are exceeding Turkey's ability to take in more refugees and many are forced to continue towards Europe. The more they can pay, the safer their journey will be. For example, €10 000 pays for a fake passport and a plane ticket to London - a situation few can afford.

Most of the refugees stay in Africa

Most of the refugees crossing the sea to Europe are not looking for higher living standards, they are escaping conflict. A third are from Syria, which is in the height of Civil War. About 12 % of Europe´s refugees are from Afghanistan - a country that has suffered military conflicts for decades. Others are from Eritrea, a country that is autocratically led.

Compared to Africa or the Middle East, Europe is only accepting very small numbers of refugees. In the southern parts of the Sahara in Africa there are about 3.7 million refugees, while North Africa and the Middle East currently have about 3 million. Ethiopia is receiving the most refugees for the country's wealth. If we compare it to the country's population, Lebanon is the highest receiving country.


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Push: “If refugees established a new country, it would be the world´s 24th largest country”.

Social media push: “Annually, over 200 000 refugees and immigrants attempt to cross the Pacific Ocean, this is the most refugees since the World War II.”

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