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The Whimsical World of Programming

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Linda Liukas, the founder of the book Hello Ruby, teaches children about the whimsical world of programming. Hello Ruby is a children's book and an app that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and play.
Linda Liukas

Linda Liukas is a Finnish computer programmer, Co-Founder of Rails Girls and a programming instructor. She is also the author of the children's coding book Hello Ruby. Hello Ruby raised over $380,000 on Kickstarter through a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, making it the platform's mostly highly funded children's book.    


During the course of summer 2016 Linda created a Hello Ruby summer school where children aged from 6 to 9 years learned about technology, programming and computational thinking through play. In 2016 Linda published her second book on the little girl Ruby who know falls inside a computer and wants to understand the secrets computers behold.



The Keynote In Short

The Whimsical World of Programming

In this keynote speech Linda Liukas shares her secrets on how we can teach programming fundamentals through stories and play to children. 

Linda believes code is the 21st century literacy and the need for people to speak the ABC of Programming is imminent. Our world is increasingly run by software and we need more diversity in the people who are building it.


Discuss the following question together as a class:


How many different electronical devices do you use everyday?
Do you know how all of them work?


Watch the Keynote

Watch the keynote speech in your class and answer the questions.

Answer the Questions
  1. Why does Linda compare programming with poetry?
  2. How does Linda teach children the knowledge of how a computer and how coding works?
  3. What is a disruption? How does disruption happen?

Go through the questions together as a class and discuss whether your feelings on coding and programming changed after watching the keynote speech.

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