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The Future of Healthcare

Campus Classroom
Luke Disney is the Executive Director of North Star Alliance: their mission is to bring quality & sustainable health services to populations that are hard to reach. In this keynote Luke shares his insights on the future of healthcare.
Luke Disney

Luke Disney is the Executive Director of North Star Alliance, with over ten years of experience in building public-private partnerships. Since 2006 he has been in charge of developing the organization and expanding the partner-base. Prior to his role as Director, he worked on an innovative partnership focused on hunger relief.



The Keynote In Short

The Coming Revolution in Healthcare

In this keynote Luke shares his insights on the future of healthcare. As Founding Executive Director of North Star Alliance, Luke was recruited by the United Nations World Food Programme and the express delivery company TNT Express to pioneer a new way of reaching highly mobile populations in Africa with essential healthcare services to help stop the spread of HIV and other communicable diseases across the continent.


Make a list of all the healthcare services you have used during your whole life.

Watch the Keynote

Watch the keynote speech in your class and answer the questions.

Answer the Questions
  1. Write down an example of how AIDS can spread in Africa according to Luke Disney. 
  2. What kind of realization caused the Star Driver Program to achieve better results?
  3. How can we take care of our own health in the future? According to Luke Disney what are the most important actions which can be taken to prevent illnesses? 

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