The Climate Convention's Good, Evil and Unexpected

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The World Wide Climate Convention is Seeking for a Worldwide Agreement on Emissions.

A solution to the 20 year old discussion is expected at the upcoming climate convention to be held in Paris. Worldwide climate agreement is necessary to stop rising temperatures. We've listed the convention's good, evil and unexpected.


The goal of the climate meeting in Paris is to tie a worldwide agreement that would diminish emissions dramatically. Expectations on the agreement are optimistic.

It's been 20 years since the last climate agreement and Copenhagen's convention still remains a big joke. Why would there be any agreement this time around? Well, there are good signs in the air: the EU has already promised to cut emissions by 40% by 2030 and the world´s biggest emission countries, The United States and China, tied a bilateral climate agreement in November 2014.


In black and white, the nightmarish results of climate change are extreme phenomenons. Thousands of people have been estimated to have died from the summer heat in Pakistan and India. On the paradise islands of Tuvalu and the Maldives there lies a constant uncertainty as the rise of the sea level is endangering life. Despite clear signs, there are fears that the loud herd of “sceptics” will continue to slow down the negotiations. Sceptics deny climate change, explaining their denial with unscientific studies and economical interests. This is why the UN and Pope Francis keep reminding us how the effect of humans on climate change is undeniable.


International energy organisation IEA announced in June that last year was historical emission-wise. The world's energy industries' oxygen emissions hadn't grown for the first time in 40 years. The amount of emission is still a knockout 3.2 billion tons a year. The investments of China and OECD countries in renewable energy and sustainable development are showing that economical growth is happening without emission-able energy. These positive economic numbers are hoped to support the negotiations in Paris.

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The good, evil and unexpected of the climate convention to be held in Paris

It is necessary that the new climate agreement be sealed. We've listed three important points about the convention which held in Paris.

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