Giant Corporations Are Stacking Up on Knowledge

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Corporations are offering virtual platforms for varying services.

Facebook doesn't create content, taxi service Uber doesn't own cars and online-store Alibaba doens't have any warehouses. Corporations are offering virtual platforms for varying services.

The idea of a platform is simple: platforms serve as a base for services. Just like a city that offers space to build on. For example, if the platform is good, simple smartphone applications might be built on it. The customer gets the service and the service provider gets the financial benefit. Platform providers that collect knowledge and reuse it benefit the most.

Knowledge means power and whoever has the most knowledge will have the most power.

Google search

In digital business the platform that gathers up the most knowledge, wins. Every search done with Google will leave some information about the searcher for Google, which is how it can sell and target the right commercials for the right users. At the same time, we are finding our search results easier and so will use Google more and more. Facebook has over 144 billion users every month - it´s difficult to find a similar knowledge bank anywhere else in the world.

Platforms suck in our weekdays

A lot more than game applications will have affect on our lives in the future. A user can either share holiday pictures or pay bills through Facebook. Another example is the health industry, in which the competition is getting harder and harder. Apple has invented HealthKit, a service that will follow and help improve the user's health. While applications are improving peoples lives, more and more knowledge related to health, behaviour and all sorts of telecommunications are owned by just a few mega corporations.


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– Knowledge is power – and giant corporations are stacking up on knowledge
– Applications are gathering knowledge that most benefits big corporations
– Modern giant corporations are really knowledge producers

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