Famous Mr. Nobody, The Ordinary Celebrity

Campus Change Report
Instagram has changed our attitude towards photography and fame.

We are constantly capturing our everyday lives in pictures, ready to be criticised by the whole world. With successful photos even Mr. Nobody can become famous.

Type #health on Instagram and the app gives you 29 776 750 million hits. Celebrities, ordinary people, commercial and non-commercial users, the arts and everyday life all fall under the same hashtag. That is why it doesn´t really matter if the publisher is a celebrity with 2m followers or an unknown teenager with 600 followers. The pictures speaks for themselves.

Instagram has changed our attitude towards photography and fame.

Founded in 2010, this online photo sharing service is one of the fastest growing services on social media. The pictures spread amazingly fast because there are no language barriers limiting them. Instagram has over 300 million active users and about 150 million of them post daily.

Instagram offers a free arena for sharing photographical content - everyone has the possibility to post and get attention. Becoming a “somebody” is easier than ever. Anyone can get huge amounts of followers with beautiful and original pictures.

One example of an Instagram-celebrity is 21-year-old Konsta Punkka from Helsinki. Punkka is an Instagram-professional; his account @kpunkka has over 350K followers. A squirrel peeking behind a tree, a fox standing still on a stump, a beautiful deer enjoying the day in a field. All Punkka´s pictures bring his followers towards nature, and only every 10th of his followers is from Finland. Most of Punkka´s hashtags are in Finnish but he also uses english hashtags as well. Especially #squirrel.

A celebrity representing herself in leisurewear

With her 26 million followers, reality-star Kim Kardashian has become the most followed private user on Instagram. Instagram cracks the curtain of fame. Kardashian mainly takes pictures of herself (selfies) everywhere from galas to her couch. The pictures bring us a little closer to her glamorous life as well as towards her more 'normal' life.

Amazing photos from Mr. Nobody and average pictures from celebrities have charm, because they depict normal occurrences as beautiful. We can relate to weekdays and normal things, but we want to see amazing pictures. The stream of pictures on Instagram might even pass on better experiences about one´s normal life than traditional news articles. Instagram is a picture diary, where anyone can experience moments from all over the world.


Discussion openers:

“Can pictures replace news articles?”

“Is it important to share normal life?”

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